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Selling?  I list all listings for a fair fee!  #1 Woman Realtor in Sales Volume: Fulton County MLS- multiple years 2016 Honored by the Women’s Council of Realtors Capital District for Millions in Sales   I Am a PROVEN REAL ESTATE BROKER with MILLIONS IN TRANSACTIONS EVERY YEAR ALL Sellers Receive Premium Placement & Enhanced Listings on  Internet Links to Multiple Major Online Real Estate Search Sites Multiple Listing services LOTS OF PRINT Advertising- Yes EVEN the NY Times LOTS OF PHOTOS & Easy to Change to keep listings fresh!  Sellers receive LOTS OF Web Exposure, Proven Print Advertising & My Priority...A DESIRE TO SERVE YOU WELL & Get Your Property SOLD!!! I'm pleased I have many satisfied clients! Thank you for the great referrals! With your permission, I Do Allow other Agents to place your Property  on their websites via "IDX" (internet data exchange) this offers your property even more exposure. You can be on all the other companies websites and have many other Brokers (who we agree to share commissions with) HUNDREDS Of Brokers Working to Sell Your Property thru the MLS.  I am always open to discounting my commission to facilitate the Sale. I feel I charge a fair fee for my commission. I do recognize that fees are negotiable and you should know commissions Can not be 'set' by a group of brokers. While some Brokers may charge double digit commissions that is their business.  You should be able to sell your house for a fair fee, and ADK Realty is happy to help you!  I Do Not use Showing services that eliminate the agents responsibility. Sellers You are in a great position to receive a top dollar for property in our area. Fulton Co   and the surrounding area, is just beginning to be recognized and discovered. It is a really nice place to live or vacation in. Prices have not had a big decrease! While they have tempered, we have not seen the crashing prices & values that other States with huge inventories of homes. We don't have a huge inventory of homes and we aren't over developed. Property values (especially on or near water) continue at a steady upward pace. Fine properties bring fine prices in a short time if priced & marketed properly. 2015- OUR MARKET HAS NOT CRASHED! Although, some sellers are taking drastic markdowns for quick sales. 2021- we are selling at Record High Prices! It’s A Seller’s Market!   Do you want to know what your property is worth?   There's never a charge for a Fair Market Assessment of your property or Current Market Analysis. You won't be pressured by ADK Realty, Sometimes I've even talked prospective sellers into Not Selling! I can bring my office (laptop) to you and discuss all your options. Or you can come to the office in Caroga Lake. and Yes It's Free! I'll show you what's happening in the market place. I'll Show you what has sold in your area, what is currently for sale, what has been on the market and for how long on the market. No Strings Attached.  Please call me 518-725-2357 or email:  SELLERS SHOULD KNOW WHAT & WHO THEY ARE LIABLE FOR:  Most sellers don't know that sellers, are 'vicariously liable' for sub agents of the selling broker" for their conduct & sellers are legally responsible for what these subagents' customer believes! Everyone in the brokers office & other agents you don't know who act as your sub agent if you offer a commission to them. Many Offices Suggest that Sellers PAY Sub Agents higher Commissions while increasing the Property owner/Sellers Risk!  Brokers may be Exposing Sellers to Vicarious Liability and relieving themselves from any liability!  Why Should Sellers Take this Risk? Often it is complete strangers that want to be 'sub agents of the seller' maybe because of the higher commission offered, This Could cost you the seller a lawsuit, not the List Broker. MANY AGENTS DON'T EXPLAIN agency, subagents of the seller & the liability issue it creates for Sellers, because they either don't understand it or maybe they are afraid if the seller does know more, they might not take the risk of listing with them! NY State law did allow agents with 15 years of active Real Estate licensing to NEVER take any educational updates ever again! WOW! 15 yrs licensed and then No education or updates ever again! (July 2008 law to change but still exempts 'old license's) Yes this has caused serious problems for some sellers (and buyers). Unfortunately, there are agents with years of time (aka experience) licensed, yet they are not familiar with the changing laws that affect their clients legally. Some are still operating with outdated documents. ADK Realty stays on top of the law and the real estate changes to protect clients. Interested in 1031 Exchanges? Investment or Commercial Ventures?  I completed all the pre-requisites, education, passed the exams to be a licensed appraiser only to learn: you don't need to be licensed to do appraisals in NY! So now I am a Unlicensed Appraiser happy to assist you with valuations. ADK Realty can help you with answers! Do you know the types of listing agreements available to you? Did you know you may terminate or withdraw your listing if your agent isn't working out? Of course every situation is different. When selling, ADK Realty can give you up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace and the price, financing, terms and condition of competing properties. These are key factors in getting your property sold at the best price, quickly and with minimum hassle.  ADK Realty wants to put the Seller's Interests First. ADK Realty offers competitive Commission rates to Sellers. ADK Realty also offers flat fees for specific services. ADK Realty is committed to selling your property for a fair fee.  I want to put more money in your pocket. I like being able to sell your property and being able to offer discount commissions to make it happen! I sell many of my listings myself, allowing me to truly work for you and to your advantage.  Earning a commission should be about "earning", I use plenty of marketing & advertising and knowing how to SELL, while protecting my clients. My sellers have all been happy with ADK Realty's aggressive marketing strategy and ability to bring in ready willing and able buyers to the table, providing them with the most money in their pocket. I am able to offer a reduced commission because I am very organized, have a sound business & advertising plan. I get the job done well and in the quickest & most efficient manner, why shouldn't you put more money in your pocket? If you desire, your property will be placed in MLS systems for thousands of agents to offer to their prospects, all of the Realtors, Big & Small Companies will still be able to bring you an offer. (I'm happy to help FSBO's sell too, I will show your property & my buyers will pay my fee. Where to start? NEED HELP??? ADK Realty helps ready your home & property for the market by offering tips on cosmetic updates, repairs etc. that will significantly enhance the salability of your property. All multiple listings (with seller's approval) appear on REALTOR. COM. Zillow, Trulia, and Many more! Your listing will be on my website (  along with other internet and print advertisements. ADK Realty markets your property to other real estate agents and the public. ADK Realty acts as the marketing coordinator, disbursing information about your property to other real estate agents through a multiple listing services or other cooperative marketing networks, open houses for agents, etc.  ADK Realty knows when, where and how to advertise your property. Studies by the National Association of Realtors show that 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts.  When you sell you may have capital gains tax, there is a way to lessen the tax! Use the 1031 Exchange. You can SAVE LOTS in Taxes! ADK Realty can help! You'll only have 45 days from closing to purchase and 're-invest' the profits. (180days for complete transaction) ADK can be your sellers agent and then be your buyers agent all as a fiduciary client relationship strictly for your benefit. Consult your accountant for more info. I will stay on your side of the transaction working to Protect your assets and investments!   Sellers you should know all the facts before listing.  ADK Realty works for you to Close the Deal! I am committed to putting the most money in your pocket, after all, it is your property. I recognize that you deserve the most return for your investment. My job is to market & sell! Even with the hundreds of agents that belong to the MLS. Currently, according to Fulton County MLS Data, I have millions in listings thru the Local MLS volume & I do sell many alone & not having to share the commission with other Brokers does allow me to put more money in your pocket.  I offer unique real estate services and am able to set my own fees and operate in manner that results in closed deals and happy clients and customers! When a property is marketed with ADK Realty I will pre-screen all prospective buyers and will accompany or allow other Agents with qualified buyers through your property. ADK Realty is a member of the NYS MLS, You will have many agents & other Brokerages working for you! With your permission, ADK Realty allows other Offices to place your listing on their websites to also market your property! Some companies do make my listings look like theirs but exposure is the best marketing you can get. I say put it out there! In all cases, you can decide, it is your property! ADK Realty will help you objectively evaluate every buyer's proposal without compromising your marketing position. I'll help write a legally binding, win-win agreement that will be more likely to make it through the process. ADK Realty can help you through all phases of the selling process until the day of closing. You'll have someone on site for showings, the appraisal, inspections, as well as the final walk-thru and help resolve any issues that arise to keep the transaction moving towards closing. List with me and you'll get: Over 10 years of successful Real Estate Experience working for you along with a Computerized market analysis of your property detailing a fair market assessment of your property. Your listing will be in MLS-Multiple Listing Services, with links to many newspapers and other internet search engines to get your property noticed. It will appear in Local Advertising such as a monthly ad in the local "Welcome Home" magazine, as well as other National & Local Specialty Real Estate ads specific to your property. If needed a "Broker's only" open house will be held, a yard sign with flyers for the public to gain instant information. I provide great communication with Sellers, all phone calls are returned promptly, I will work with all Realtors to get your property out in the marketplace and work hard to get it sold. I stay very current with the law. I am always seeking more knowledge to better serve my clients and to stay abreast of the changing laws.  I enjoy learning and take educational courses more than my 22.5 mandated hrs.  I am shocked NY has a '15yr rule' allowing zero updating or mandated education for agents holding licenses for 15+ yrs even when laws change. I have unfortunately seen  'experienced agents' violate agency & other real estate law largely because of this 15yr rule. Sellers should chose their agent/office carefully, you are entrusting them with a lot of responsibility. You are also paying a decent fee for professional abilities! I have served on the Town of Bleecker Board of Assessment Review and am happy to help you understand tax grievance issues! FSBO's ARE YOU FOR SALE BY OWNER?  Going it alone can cost you time & money, ADK Realty will work with you by the hour or for fixed fee or percentage to help you sell your property! ADK is happy to offer different levels of service for homeowners who are selling themselves. Do you know the types of listings? There are Two types of Listing agreements you must sign and acknowledge that you understand the terminology: EXCLUSIVE AGENCY Listing means that if you, the OWNER of the property, find a buyer you will not have to pay a commission to the Broker. However, if another Broker finds a buyer, you will owe a commission to both the selling broker and your present broker. With less protection for the listing broker you will usually receive less services. EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL: listing means that if you the Owner of the property find a buyer for your house, or if another Broker finds a buyer, you must pay the agreed commission to the present Broker. Perfect for sellers wanting Maximum Exposure least amount of work! You should receive the Most Services! ADK Realty Goes Above & Beyond for our exclusive right to sell listings! As a principal in a real estate transaction, you should always know that you have the right to be represented by an agent who is loyal only to you throughout the entire transaction. Yes, sellers can withdraw listings, procure their own agent at any time. You owe a commission if you signed a contract with an agent that brought about a sale. Unsure? See your attorney before you sign! Here are excerpts from the State: 'When you employ a real estate broker or sales person as your agent, you are the principal. "the relationship of agent and principal is fiduciary in nature, founded on trust or confidence reposed by one person in the integrity and fidelity of another.' (citation omitted) Included in the fundamental duties of such a fiduciary are good faith and undivided loyalty, and full disclosure. Such duties are imposed upon real estate licensees by license law, rules and regulations, contract law, the principals of the law of agency, and tort law. (citation omitted) The object of these rigorous standards of performance is to secure fidelity from the agent to the principal and to insure the transaction of the business of the agency to the best advantage of the principal. (citations omitted)."  (You give this up with Dual/Designated agency relationship.) YES IT'S CONFUSING But it's apparently the most Common Reason People Get Upset in Real Estate- They don't 'really' know who is working for who! Subagents: Subagents of the seller. Such as All of the other agents in the listing office whom automatically become your sub-agents, also other agents, and realtors via MLS, that you 'offer compensation too' and allow to show & sign on as your sub-agent. You the Seller are vicariously liable for the conduct, words & actions of these "sub agents of the seller", Buyers are "customers" you the seller are their 'client'. Even though you nor your listing agent/office have any control of them, or any knowledge of what they may say about your property you can be held liable for their conduct, words or actions! Since it has traditionally been the only type of agency offered in upstate NY & benefits agents and in house sales, Some real estate companies pay more commissions to 'sub agents of the seller' even though it opens the seller to more risk & lessens the brokers.  The agency relationship usually is created by a listing contract. ADK Realty does not want to change agency relationships.  Sub agents or Seller's agents CAN NOT legally ask buyer customers about their income or do their own pre-qualification, can't legally get much detailed information on their finances etc. Since they are required by law to alert buyer customers' that they do report all info gained to the seller. Sub agents of the seller may have unqualified lookers and more deals that may fall through because they are not told penitent details by the buyers. ADK Realty explains in detail the pros and the risks involved, but in light of the vicarious liability, not offering sub-agency does make sense to many of ADK Realty sellers. If you do choose to offer sub agency, ADK Realty attends All showings to help minimize exposure for my sellers. ADK Realty does not simply 'hand out the keys'. Brokers Agents:  As part of your real estate negotiations with a real estate agent, you may authorize your agent to engage other agents whether you are a buyer or a seller. As a general rule, those agents owe fiduciary duties to your agent and to you. Sellers are not vicariously liable for their actions, just the listing office is. Many offices do not offer Broker agency.  ADK Realty does offer Broker agency by appointment. Buyers Agents: Are agents hired by the buyers to work solely on the buyers behalf. You the Seller and the listing broker are NOT responsible for their conduct unless having provided the misinformation. Since this is new to most upstate NY Brokerages, most NY Real Estate offices shun and offer a lower commission split to buyer agents. Some agents have 'stigmatized' buyers agents. As a seller's advocate & active buyer agent I find the reasoning unsound. I feel if you want to sell your property with the least amount of hassles it's appropriate to offer the same (if not more) commission to a buyer's agent vs. a sub-selling agent.  Buyer agents should have and more often do have a ready, willing and able and knowledgeable buyer. Buyer's agents have all the responsibility to verify and be liable to their buyer clients. Seller's agents can't legally ask buyer customers very much about anything, can't ask income or do their own pre-qualification, or get any detailed information on their buyer customer's finances etc. Sub agents of the seller often have unqualified lookers and more deals that may fall through. Buyers agents and their clients are working towards the same goal as the seller!  ADK Realty gladly works with buyer agents, it offers both of us less liability in this 'sue happy society'. And yes ADK Realty is on site for buyer agent showings as well! What if one of my buyers wants to buy my listing? When I list your property I'll explain to you how I legally work with buyers without practicing dual agency! ADK Realty never changes hats! Dual - Designated Agents: The State cautions against practicing this type of agency. Agency relationship can be problematic for sellers who list with big offices that 'bring in the buyer' & working with agents showing their own (office) listings. The State allows the listing office to designate an agent for each party or a sole agent may act as a dual agent with full disclosure to all parties. Sadly it's still caveat emptor and as dual agency/designated agency are gaining popularity, you should choose your agent carefully and be as knowledgeable as possible. A designated agent/dual agent must have a signed acknowledgement confirming both parties understand that they are giving up their right to the agent's undivided loyalty. A sole agent who with informed signed consent from seller and buyer acts as a dual agent, by definition they can not provide full range of fiduciary duties to the buyer and the seller. They must cancel their prior fiduciary relationship they held with one of the parties.  The Fiduciary duty of loyalty that your real estate agent owes to you, prohibits your agent from advancing any interests adverse to yours or conducting your business to benefit the agent or others. Significantly, by consenting to dual agency, you are giving up your right to have your agent be loyal to you, since your agent is now also representing your adversary. Once you give up that duty of loyalty, the agent can advance interests adverse to yours.  Yes, they can then work to their own advantage. For example, once you agree to dual agency, you may need to be careful about what you say to your agent because the information you give him or her may be used in a way is adverse to your interests.  (Your listing agreement will dictate what your responsibilities are) Your agent's fiduciary duties to you need never be compromised. After reading many legal discussions regarding dual agency, ADK Realty does not wish to practice Dual/Designated agency. But am finding with so many referrals I may  have to practice Dual Agency. That in mind I will always  practice Real Estate with honesty & personal ethics devoted to providing Excellent Service.  See my buyers page on how I work with buyer customers wishing to contract on ADK Realty listings. To your benefit Selling agents LEGALLY must provide you with all material facts affecting the value of a property listed by ADK Realty- I share everything! HOW MUCH COMMISSION SHOULD YOU PAY?  2010 In its opinion, the Department Of State stated that National Association of Realtors was not correct on the law and that all licensees in New York, Sellers should be aware that it is the seller, not the real estate broker, who has the right to establish the amount and terms of compensation offered to co brokers, subagents and buyer’s agents.  I work hard for you and can validate my fees. I feel my fee is a  fair fee.  Commissions are usually are split between the Listing agent and the selling agent. You have a right to know how much and too whom!   Your listing agent will charge a percentage and will then offer a portion of the total commission to other Brokers It should be your choice how much and whether or not to pay an agent who you probably don't know, never have met and have no information on their business practices. It should be your choice since you could be assuming vicarious liability for the conduct of some of these types of agents. Great Selling Brokers work hard and definitely deserve to be paid a fair fee for services. But learn what services you will be entitled too for a fair fee. It is expensive to operate a quality office, I have a break down of how much time/money an average listing costs as part of my listing package. But to give you an idea, Here's where my most of my earnings go. I love my job, It's so rewarding and I thank ALL My customers & clients for helping me be successful! I'm very happy to work as a licensed and Appreciate my commissions earned. •EXPENSES involved I have to "back out of earned commissions: •State mandatory fees renew license   •State mandatory educational course work •Advertising Online & in Print •Broker % of commissions paid out    •MLS fees ADK Realty is member. •Local board fees •Enhanced listing fees •Car payments •Car gas •Car insurance •Car maintenance •Cell phone   •Computers, Cameras, Tech •Fax lines •Lock boxes •Office Supplies •Web connection fees   •Website host provider •Yard signs •Flyers-print materials NOTE:  This does not include my own personal expenses rent, mortgage, utilities, food and additional expenses to run a successful office. ADK Realty's listing documents allows you the seller to chose who you will pay and who you will be liable for.  I love what I do and will never be greedy I'll always be charging a fair fee for great services! Many of my listings have gone under contract in under 30 days, and like many of my Seller's I hope you will be pleased with my fairness, honesty and ability to put deals together! I love to match people with properties and I'm happy to sell your property for a fair fee. It's your Property, You should make the most! Please call me to discuss your personal selling plan! 518-725-2357. As you know, when selling a property you will be responsible for fees, depending on how the contract is written either party could be responsible. Every contract is different, but ADK Realty will be looking out for you my client and explain the options and documents to you. Of course your attorney will always be asked to review every binding contract.  Closing costs: Some of the typical expenses you will probably incur in selling a piece of property are: Abstract of title, Tax search, Deed Tax Stamps, Tax adjustments, Attorney's fee, Real Estate Commission. The Contract of Sale can change who pays for any one or more item. ADK Realty will help coordinate all of the above including transfer of utilities, reminders for closing and be there with you until the day of closing! Here's what some of my Happy Seller's have said:  "Thanks for the great job selling my property, you went above & beyond" "Wow, you sold our home in the middle of winter when others said no way. Great marketing, thanks for your help." "Thanks for selling my house, you have the personality, and smarts to be successful" "Thanks for the repeat client discount! You did everything you said you would, Terrific service." "A large Corp. listed our property last summer, never showed it once, ADK Realty listed our home and sold it in 20 days! And discounted our fee!" "I needed help, you were there and worked for a flat fee that saved me thousands, thank you   This is meant to provide general information so that you will have a better idea of the process of selling real estate. Each transaction has unique circumstances which require individual consideration. 
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